January 24, 2010

Magazine Insider: American Vogue with Constance Jablonski

I'm not crazy about the concept, but I love the jewelry and the clothing! What do you think?

Photographer:Raymond Meier
Styled by Elissa Santisi


Kata said...

I love the third one! Especially the baaaaaag!!!!! ...Or the dress, or the shoes!!!!!!!!!! :))

Szilvia said...
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Szilvia said...

the black plastic horse is a really great idea! makes a nice contrast among the different surfaces and colours. the only negative side it looks like 'we applied plastic horse as we had to use all the live ones to prepare these nice bags..' jejeje

Anonymous said...

she is as plastic as the horse. no one needs such a woman. spend your money on solar panels and wind mills and keep yourself natural with sustainable clothes please! fashion will kill us!

Kata said...

:))) Oh God!!