December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas shopping, packing, saying goodbye … it’s time consuming and everybody knows how nerve racking traveling can be especially in this season. The good news is I’m finally home, the bad is that Europe is colder than I remembered. Although, Christmas won’t feel Christmas without snow, and being with family and friends is inestimable. I’m wishing all of you Merry Christmas with lot of joy and happiness!
I’m very happy and thankful to have you regularly on my blog and stay with me because during the holidays I will try to be here to keep up with the latest fashion scoops!
Oh, ...I know this is a tough time to shop but a little surprise won’t hurt anyone so get your wish list and enjoy the crowd.:) xoxo


Kata said...

Oh, great!!!
My favorite blogger is back :))!
I`m wishing you a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to all :*!!

Berta said...

Magyarországon hidegebb van, mint...? LA? Vagy New York? Kellemes ünnepeket!

... said...

Erdelyben van nagyon de nagyon hideg!!!! De Januarban mar Budapesti idojarasrol is be tudok szamolni! Mar alig varom! :) Akarcsak 2010et!